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#Hemp co. is a chic CBD Store in dallas' Bishop Arts District

"House Bill 1325 is signed. Texans can go to their closest CBD shop and get CBD products like CBD Oil and CBD Pain Cream. So why did the Dallas Observer say we're

"The Best Place to Get CBD in Dallas"

because we're the 'Farmers Market of CBD' in Dallas, we don't short-cut
you by reselling cbd productscorporations bad products. We own our process,
and we earn your loyalty #everytime.

industrial-hemp and CBD field

Ask your CBD retailer "What City, State and Date the hemp used to make your CBD products was planted?" Or "Can you provide a "Certificate of Authenticity" issued at the time of testing for your tinctures and pain creams?"

"Fun fact: Only 13% of the CBD products sold in the US last year, were made from American Industrial-Hemp."

We track all of our CBD from the time it's planted to the time it hit's our boutique. This ensures only the top grade quality.

Don't feel rushed

Those just beginning their CBD journey ask dozens of different questions to satisfy their curiosity, and calm their nervous excitement. We get it! There aren't many beginners with a Ph.D. in CBD.

"That's why you’ll never feel rushed in our store if you have questions that need answering."

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