At Dallas' first and only full service medical
boutique, your path to health and wellness
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#HEMP Medical Boutique

What's a medical boutique? It's where you want to shop if you value a personalized CBD experience. #HEMP is the newest addition to the chic retail shops of Bishop Arts, “Hashtag Hemp Company” (#Hemp Co.) sticks out like a sore thumb in the local CBD market. Our mission, to derail the public’s view of CBD and Marijuana as the same thing, has been well received by store owners and even the newly appointed City Councilmen Chad West.

West says ”Hashtag Hemp Company is a welcome addition to the neighborhood and provides a spa-like experience for those seeking to learn more about CBD and other alternative therapies. We recommend working with reputable CBD vendors for your health needs, so we are excited to see #HEMP join the neighborhood.”

Our Products

“Only thirteen percent of the hemp sold in the U.S last year was grown here. The lack of farming regulation in countries like China, that import a large amount of CBD to the states, is scary.” Our tagline is “Seed to Sale” meaning we track our CBD through cultivation, manufacturing, lab testing and packaging. Our comprehension of “attention to detail” becomes even more apparent once you view our Full-Cosmetic CBD line, or Kangen Water machine that allows clients to refill up one gallon of alkaline water everyday.

We are teachable and knowledgable

We are outspoken advocates of the deregulation of the hemp-based CBD industry.

We are definitive supporters of the research and development of hemp-based cannabinoids for medical use.

We are believers in the furthered-understanding of the endocannabinoid system for improved mental & physical balance.