The CBD Craft-Cocktail Challenge is a Thing

Just in time for the "Self-Care" regimen, you'll need following this weekend's eating/shopping binge, an unlikely pair of businesses in Bishop Arts' District (BAD) are teaming up in support of "Health & Wellness" and "Craft-Cocktails."

Just in time for the "Self-Care" regimen, you'll need following this weekend's eating/shopping binge, an unlikely pair of businesses in Bishop Arts' District (BAD) are teaming up in support of "Health & Wellness" and "Craft-Cocktails."

From Dec.2 through Dec. 9th, The Local Oak (TLO), a "must try" restaurant in the Arts District, will collaborate with the new farm-to-market CBD boutique, "Hashtag Hemp Company" (#Hemp co.). The duo will kick off the first in a series of "pop-ups" inspired by CBD-cocktails, called "The CBD Craft-Cocktail Challenge" (CCCC). Given the name of the challenge, it makes sense that the participants are all popular BAD saloons that are well-known for their ability to mix spirits.

The Local Oak says it'll offer a short-list of CBD-infused cocktails, culturally-crafted by the taste masters at TLO, and a homemade CBD "edible" desert.

#Hemp and The Local Oak have a relationship that's as natural as it is unique, which isn't surprising seeing as they share (at least) 3 vital common interests; responsibly sourced ingredients, a love for hemp, and a passion for the people of Oak Cliff. Both companies are excited to help further the neighborhood's understanding of CBD. A goal they'll look to achieve by accurate information with a cause we can all get behind…Drinking!

The OCCC is the dream child of #Hemp Co.'s founder, Martell Golliday. Martell said he'd been toying with the concept since mid-July when Texas legalized CBD, but that the idea became "real" after meeting Alycen Cuellar [co-owner of TLO] at the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce Halloween Party. It was there that the two of them discussed working together while enjoying CBD craft-cocktails that she made, and he infused [with CBD].

"They have responsible food offerings at The Local Oak, so when she [Alycen] told me that they were already working on a CBD desert, I was even more impressed! It felt like a match made in heaven!" said Golliday. The owners of The Local Oak felt the same after visiting #Hemp's Canna-Boutique in BAD, claiming they were "blown away by the quality of their [#Hemp's] seed-to-sale CBD and the how inviting the environment was."

Oak Cliff is a very "tight-knit" community, so for #Hemp aligning with locally-loved eateries like "The Local Oak" means reaching a broader audience, and allows bypassing Facebook's censoring of CBD retailers on its platform.

Former Olympic soccer player and GM for Hashtag Hemp Company, Marcus McCarty, thinks that there are too many stigmas and not enough concrete information surrounding CBD. He says that "The CCCC will provide a safe and interesting atmosphere for those looking to learn about CBD and memorable experience for those that have already started their journey. Engaging with our community is the foundation of our business; it's why we created a family-friendly space that feels way more "medspa" than "Smokeshop."

As Hashtag's owner/operator, and the orchestrator of the CBD "Craft Cocktail Challenge," Martell has a pretty unique foundation himself. Just one year after his first experience with CBD, which he says made his ADHD manageable for the first time, he's become a staple in the Industrial-Hemp market. He's found success as: a brand-consultant, a raw-materials broker, a writer for the international Canna-Lifestyle magazine "Bomba," a public speaker, retail-store owner, and co-founder of a distribution company (Greene-Brothers Distributors).

His brand Hashtag Hemp is the first health & wellness company and the first CBD company on the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, and the boutique was just named "One of the best places to get CBD in Dallas" by the Dallas Observer.

What's shocking is that Martell became homeless at the age of 13, which he remained until his eventual imprisonment as a young adult. He's seemingly unaffected by the harshness of his journey. When asked, "What's been his hardest life challenge?" he quickly replies, "Retail!.......and trying to make my own-craft-cocktails!"

"I'll be in attendance every night, and later in the week, I'll conduct an information session which we'll announce on social media," says Golliday. As a compliance consultant for CBD companies, his main goal is for everyone to be safe and informed.

The Industrial Hemp Revolution

The next big thing has arrived. It’s cannabis, but not the version you smoked this morning. It’s called industrial-hemp, and if you aren’t educated on it, or the stuff that’s extracted from it, you’re losing money.

The Industrial-Hemp Revolution

By Martell Golliday-Andrews  

The next big thing has arrived. It’s cannabis, but not the version you smoked this morning. It’s called industrial-hemp, and if you aren’t educated on it, or the stuff  that’s extracted from it, you’re losing money.

I’m at DFW airport. It’s 6:52 am CST, I'm sitting aboard an airplane, awaiting take-off. It’s at this time that I finally start writing my article for Bomba Magazine. You guessed it, the very same article you're reading right now.. 

To get you up to speed, I'm super behind on delivering this article, which is in part due to my occasional procrastination. It’s technically a half-hearted procrastination, because I always want to do whatever it is I'm putting off, I'm just never "not working" long enough to do it. Historically, I work best on a deadline, but this particular deadline is approaching way to fast for my liking (seeing as it was yesterday). So here I am, writing what’ll be some last-minute magic for the flagship issue of BOMBA. 

You should know the date is April 20th, 2019 (aka 420) and that  I’m flying to Denver, CO for the second time this month. I’ve flown to Denver on 420 for the last 6-years, to visit my best friend Joe, whose birthday is on 4/20. This year I’ll see him for a little bit, but my focus is elsewhere. My mind is so dialed into this industrial-hemp & hemp-oil situation, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else.

Normally, right now I'd be on cloud 9, and with any luck, when I landed I’d quickly be getting to cloud 14 or higher. However, this is a business trip, and as such I’m completely sober and planning to remain that way all holiday weekend. While I will be "dabbing" some terpene-infused, hemp-oil-Shatter (wax), I’m trying not to smoke any pot, at least not during business hours. You may be wondering “Why the hell would you do that?” (good question)

The answer is that I have bigger fish to fry right now, the kind of fish that spur financial growth & breed abundant opportunity. At least that’s what I would say If you were to ask me “What type of fish are more important than getting lit in Denver on 4/20?” (another good question). 

 Some of you might laugh at my refusal to inhale the' Mile High City's' most prominent resource on national smoke day, but only if you don’t have a firm understanding of today's industrial-hemp and/or hemp-oil markets. If you haven’t conceptualized the type of socio-economic boom industrial-hemp is about to cause, get ready to be slapped in the face by cannabis plants (with less than 0.3% THC) over the next 8 to 12 months. 

Do me a solid, please don’t take this statement too lightly, even though it's technically just my opinion.

“I believe the recent additions of industrial-hemp as an American agricultural resource and hemp-oil as a means for wellness will soon cause the largest industrial boom of the last 100 years.”

I say that from the deepest part of my heart, as a human-being whos of sound mind and body (generally). That statement is the reason I’ve spent the past 6-months in R & D  to ensure I’m closer to the driver’s seat than the trunk, when IH & hemp-oil blast off. 

 This trip, like my last four trips to Colorado, is primarily for business. When I say "primarily for business", I mean completely void of all fun, joy, and excitement. In the past, events on these voyages might include driving 3-hours west of Denver to a hemp-farm to see if the owners would be reliable suppliers or scripting meetings with my manufacturer to discuss product-development in a more efficient manner. This particular visit has Ben, a manufacturer that I've partnered with, picking me up at Denver International. We're going to check out a commercial space that his partner has identified as a  "perfect location for a hemp-oil shop.” They've expressed an interest in having me set up and operate a Denver, CO store for them. They'll fund and own the business, minus a 10% equity stake that goes to me for my efforts. That’s what you call mailbox money.

Side note: This store will be the second retail hemp-oil shop that we’ll open together starting in May, and 1 of 4 retail shops we’ll open over the next 120-days.

If we nail the Denver store, the Colorado hemp-oil market from retail to wholesale splits open like a moist cigarillo. Except instead of the usual disposable tobacco guts, there’ll be a significant amount of continuous revenue.

I feel like it’s a good time to identify what's going on here. By that I mean clarify who I am and why this hemp-oil situation is about to reach mission-critical. We’ll start with the former...

Who I am as it relates to this article and the hemp-oil industry…

Please don't jump to the conclusion that  I'm a “retailer.” I hate retail. I’m not a retailer by trade, nor have I ever worked in retail. I don’t have any ambition to make a career in retail, and I’ve never opened a hemp-oil retail store before (technically). So why am I so confident in the potential for our success in retail? Mostly because I've prepared appropriately, but also retail is just one channel inside of a long-term plan to monetize the public's growing interest in hemp-oil.

By trade, I’m a serial entrepreneur and marketing specialist, but somehow In a little under six months, I’ve gone from not knowing whether or not hemp got you high, to having co-founded a corporation that has a considerable reach and A-list connections in every part of the IH & hemp-oil industries. That’s lead to me writing for BOMBA, designing brands, and consulting national manufacturers on marketing practices. 

I mention these things not to brag, but to highlight the fact that the average “Joe” from Anywhere, USA can move up fast in this industrial-hemp scene without much resistance. Now then…

Who needs to read this & Why this hemp-oil situation is about to reach mission critical?

This is a wake-up call for everyone old enough to do something with this information. Those of us, that may not even realize we’re sleeping. Consider this a bird's eye view of the IH & hemp-oil world as a whole. Call it a seed of knowledge, that 5% of readers will cultivate into future income, while the other 95% will at least learn enough to understand the opportunity they're missing.

Every day I meet people, some of whom are about the Canna-Lifestyle and some that aren’t. Regardless of their affiliation with cannabis, the majority of them are severely uninformed about the opportunities that hemp and hemp-oil are creating currently. 

That’s why IH & hemp-oil are golden geese right now, because anytime something this big is about to hit and the public is blind to it, you have a golden opportunity to capitalize.   

Not to sound like a hypocrite, seeing as 6-months ago, I was one of those uninformed people that thought hemp-oil was a “scam.” Knowing where I was then and where I am now, is all the more reason why this article is a required read for; the overly-ambitious, and the intrinsically lazy, for the opportunistic millennials, and the grandparents seeking sustainability in retirement, for the business-savvy seasoned-investor, the serial entrepreneur, the struggling artist or musician and the self-taught computer programmer. 

There is enough meat on the bone for an infinite amount of money-hungry wolves, disguised as you, your neighbors, or that stranger who held the door open for you this morning. 

This article is a finger that’s pointed at you, the reader that knows not of what is soon to come. How is it possible (in 2019) to receive a response like “Oh, whats hemp-oil?” from an AT&T associate that asked me what type of business I'm opening? "Really! It’s been a well-publicized 6-months for the industrial-hemp & hemp-oil industries, c’mon pal!"

Since December 2018, IH and hemp-oil have been in their fair share of national headlines. You may remember the record-breaking Dow-Jones meltdown, in late-December, which brought to light just how absurdly over-valued “pot stocks” were at the time. ‘Pot stocks’ is a nickname for the stocks of publicly traded companies who deal in cannabis.

Do you recall the debut of the FDA approved, hemp-oil-based epilepsy drug Epidiolex? Which hit the market as the most effective seizure medication to grace this world since…. EVER. 

Your FB feed had to of had images of President Trump signing Sen. Mitch McConnell’s 2018 Farm Bill. An already legendary political accomplishment, which made the farming of IH legal once again and federally decriminalized hemp-oil derived from hemp. 

Does this atomic bomb-shell from 3-weeks ago jog your memory? CVS and Walgreens both making public statements that they’re now selling hemp-oil products on store shelves in 8 states. Personally, as soon as I heard that Walgreens was doing anything cannabis related, I started checking my Walgreens points immediately. 

These are the points I  find myself ranting about to my uber driver about. I’m on the way to see my lady friend Madison, another Dallas native residing in Denver. Seeing her is one of the few moments of downtime I have between writing and doing market research on the commercial property Ben and I viewed yesterday. 

It’s now 4/21, and the pressure to take a traditional holiday pull from these damn dab-pens (that seem to be following me) has decreased. Although, with the stress of deadlines and retail projects looming, the urge to rip a dab-pen a few times is increasing by the second. Luckily, I have a 2,000mg hemp-oil + CBN tincture (CBN is a cannabinoid that helps relaxation)  in my fanny pack, which I gladly dose before starting some statistical research to help substantiate some of these educated opinions of mine.

Without further ado, I give you data! The simplest point to drive home is that the market share for hemp-derived hemp-oil is estimated to dominate all other cannabis markets. By the end of this year, experts are predicting the hemp-oil industry to hit $591M. Impressive? Yes, but what's more is that by 2022 the same market is estimated to be valued at $22B annually. That’s 40-times where it's at currently. I’ll let that sink in for just a sec. A growth comparison would show that the internet publishing and broadcasting industry, also a booming niche,  increased its revenue by nearly 20% last year. If this held true throughout 2022 they would’ve increased their revenue by almost 100% in a 5-year period. Compare that to the current hemp-oil industry which is slated to see a 4,000% increase in the same time-frame, and I should have your full attention right about now.

Fun fact: The amount of Americans using hemp-oil reached 7% in 2018 according to Hemp-Business Journal, and is expected to reach 10% by the end of 2019.    

hemp-oil is obviously the low-hanging fruit. The IH product we can safely say has the most sex appeal and notoriety, right? Well, according to the Hemp Journal in 2016-2017 hemp-derived hemp-oil only accounted for 19% of hemp-products on the market. That ranked hemp-oil behind personal care items (24%), tied with food products (19%) and just ahead of industrial applications (18%) and consumer textiles (14%). If the projected 40x growth for hemp-oil products proved to be true for non-hemp-oil hemp-products, which made up the other 81% of industrial-hemp products on the market, three different product categories would all reach a market value of over $5B by 2022. 

If we were looking for opportunities based on this data, then the "ambitious entrepreneurial" type might be learning how to source & sell these non-hemp-oil hemp-products on Amazon or EBay. 

Maybe, the private-practice physician in New York takes a more calculated approach and starts keeping tabs on publicly traded companies that manufacture some of these goods, with the intent of purchasing stock.

Realistically though, how many of us are M.D’s or business-savvy enough to navigate the wild terrain of Amazon? Since this is the first issue of a 'lux' Canna-Lifestyle magazine, I dare not guess the actual percentage. I would however, assume that the majority of Bomba readers may have different careers. If so, then where is the opportunity for the single-mother getting started in HR or the clueless first-year grad student? 

Let’s look at the job market. The canna industry job market saw 680% growth between January of 2017 and August of 2018, according to Additionally, Vangst claims that the average “hemp-job” salary increased by 16.9%. That means that if “supermom,” wanted to maximize her HR career, finding a stable hemp-oil or "Canna-Company" to employ her, might work out fairly well. 

Hopefully, your wheels are beginning to turn, you might even be thinking of a  few bright ideas at this point. Some of you may even be strapping on your bib’s in preparation for the "all you can eat" hemp-oil monetization buffet? 

“Sometimes my writing style is completely and absurdly ridiculous, so I apologize in advance.”

On that note, it's time for a break. Luckily, Madison’s roommate Daniel, has just caught me at the "right time, right place" for a pot-position (proposition?). In the flick of a Bic, there goes a 2-day no-smoking streak, damn the luck! I'm super-high right now.

Getting back to business, I want to frame the remainder of this article in the most straightforward means possible, because I am super-high and this thing can get out of hand quickly if I don’t keep tabs on it. If I'm a reader, what information do I need next? The basics are always good..

What is hemp, how is it used, how does hemp relate to hemp-oil, and why is hemp-oil so freaking awesome?

Seeing as how this isn’t an article on the merits of hemp-oil as an alternative means of health and wellness (coming soon), I’ll refrain from diving into hemp-oil too deep. Instead let’s view the IH industry as a whole. Hemp is the oldest cash crops in existence, and our God-given right to have and use. The world has a long past with this 'mega-plant,' it’s played a significant role in human history. Fun facts:

-George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both hemp farmers.

-Hemp is used in over 25,000 products 

-Hemp was once illegal NOT to grow in the US.

-Hemp was a billion dollar crop up until the time it was banned by the US government, during the “Reefer Madness Era”.....idiots!

-The first American Flag was made of hemp and the Declaration of Independence was signed on paper made from hemp.

I’m a man who cares for life's little luxuries, like super-high grade medical marijuana, and hemp-oil kombucha. Hemp, when used as a fabric, easily fits in the ‘luxury items’ category. Hemp is a rich man's cotton, naturally hypo-allergenic, durable and soft, its quality as a fabric is sought after by luxury brands worldwide. If you’ve ever worn a Patagonia jacket while skiing, chances are you’ve sported some hemp-outerwear. 

Do you drive a BMW? You know the stitching that’s holding your leather steering wheel cover together? That’s right, hemp as well. 

It won’t be long before every new home built utilizes IH, in some form or fashion. It’d be ridiculous not to use something so effective against some of the major problems associated with home ownership. For example, 'hemp-houses,' currently in existence, have a 20-hour burn-rate! If your home caught fire, hypothetically you could binge watch two seasons of GOT, before plotting your escape.

In addition to being a natural detoxifier, hemp is breathable and (basically) waterproof. Using manufactured-hemp as insulation in your home erases the chances of having moldy insulation in the future. Plus, your "largest investment," would stay warmer in winter, and cooler in the summer. 

The other day I read a report that claimed, “The products that are predicted to consume the most IH for manufacturing will be mattresses and pet-beds.” 

IH has one of the rarest opportunities of any economy-stimulating agricultural product on the market today. It has the chance to change the scope of multiple industries, including farming, medical manufacturing. The U.S will soon see a dying farming industry be reborn, fueled by farmers opting to grow IH, which sells for 10x the price of corn. 

Hemp-seeds are super rich in omega-3’s and are a better source of protein than flaxseed oil. All that good stuff your body likes, (think vitamin-E, zinc, and magnesium) are all easily sourced from hemp seeds as well. 

And let’s not forget that hemp-oil doesn't suck either. I don’t want to rub the proverbial tummy of the hemp-oil market, but with new studies being revealed daily that are affirming the wide-variety of ailments hemp-oil has shown to be effective against, it won’t be long before we start seeing some real advances in medical applications that utilize hemp-oil. 

hemp-oil is a naturally occurring cannabinoid inside the hemp plant. Industrial-Hemp is Cannabis-Sativa that contains less than 0.3% THC (THC is also a cannabinoid). hemp-oil derived from IH is legal because it has no psychoactive effects, due to the hemp's THC level being under the legal limit. 

hemp-oil is quickly gaining public interest because of its effects on the human endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a recently discovered (1992) system of the human body located inside of our nervous system. The ECS, in short, controls all of the bodies functions that make you feel “normal.” 

The ECS regulates physiological processes like your metabolism, pain receptors, immune system, digestive system, as well as a variety of cognitive processes. I like to think of cannabinoid's effects on the human body, as a balancing agent. Picture a man on a tight-rope holding a balance bar, and distributed evenly across that balancing bar are 113 cannabinoids. 

Men and women much smarter than myself, have predicted the growth and sustainability of the quickly approaching hemp-oil-market influx. While hemp-oil is legal federally, each state has their right to interpret the farm bill however they like, some states are more restrictive than others. 

“When the state and Federal laws align in their interpretations of the 2018 Farm Bill, the industrial-hemp market will increase quickly and exponentially.”

The legality of hemp-oil gets me worked up every time. It’s Monday, I leave Denver for DFW in the morning, and I’m feeling like I need to bring this article to an appropriate climax and strong close. In business meetings I take part in, I make sure they end with a list of ‘actionable items.’ These are the “to-do’s” that make sure any decisions made in the meeting are carried out. I feel like some ‘actionable items’ are in order here, as some of you may be wondering "Ok, so what now?"

As a disclaimer, let me first say that I am in no way, shape, or form a financial adviser or career consultant. The content here is not a declaration that we should all quit our jobs tomorrow, and find the first "Canna-Company" willing to hire us. It's is also not a license to choose a “pot stock” out of a hat, and invest your entire retirement fund with that company. What this is, is a literary “cup-of-coffee,” meant to serve as a wake-up call (again) for some of us Canna-Lifestyle activists, that may be overlooking the most accessible opportunity for financial growth we’ll see in our lifetime.

Whether or not you view the rebirth of Hemp as the second coming (Easter reference) is up to you. As certified smokers, it should at least pique your interest that marijuana’s square little brother is about to make a power move, and he’s letting everyone have a piece of the pie. I could make a case for missing out on bitcoin (when it was good) if you didn't know anything about cryptocurrency before its arrival. The same could be said about investing in the early days of  Apple or Microsoft stock. Especially, if you were a farmer who wasn’t familiar with computer technology, to whom Apple might've appeared to be a risky investment at the time. 

On the flip side, if you were already a CPU geek when Apple was first going public, that investment might've seemed like a ‘no-brainer.’ Fast forward to current day, substitute Canna-Lifestylist for CPU geek, and substitute hemp-oil for Apple. You see the correlation, don’t you?

So, actionable items…..

1. Analyze your skill set, career, trade, or educational experience, and look for correlated opportunities in the IH world. There are two points, I wrote earlier, that I’d like to remind you of: First, the average salary of employees working in IH (in any capacity) is 16.9% higher than the rest of the job market, and second,  I have personally profited from the transition from 'digital marketer' to 'digital marketer in the hemp-oil industry', with minimal effort.    

Speaking on what I've seen, there is (or will be) a need for just about every skill set and talent currently valued in the job market. If there isn’t a need for a skill or trade that you possess, you're probably sitting on a gold-mine, because the development of a new anything in the IH & hemp-oil markets is seemingly well received. 

I'd also like to point out that it’s way easier to get to the top of a molehill than Mt. Everest. Less competition in the workplace means a potentially quicker rise to the top of the food chain. 

 If you’re a construction worker, graphic designer, CPA, architect, doctor, or whatever the opportunity to profit from an inevitable outcome should be suffocating you as you read this.  I know personally, it’s always trying to strangle me and has been since last November. You get the drift though, huh? Find an opportunity in IH or hemp-oil that resembles what you do currently, and give yourself a well-deserved raise. 

2. Research the various channels in which to invest in IH or hemp-oil. Potentially, this can serve as the easiest and most profitable way to tap into the oncoming influx of the cash crop we call hemp. It can also be the fastest, most crippling way to lose the money that you’ve worked so hard for.

Case and point, In December I decided that with the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill being less than a week away, I was gonna invest in some penny “pot stocks”. These “pot stocks” had all seen substantial increases in value during the midterm elections, and the time following Sen. Mitch McConnell's signing of the Farm Bill in November. 

To play it safe, I reached out to my friend Mike Butler for advice, Mike is one of the most well-known young stock gurus in the country, and a member of the famous Tasty Trade ™ team. After speaking with him, I thought I had it all figured out. 

 I dropped $1,000 in my Robinhood App account (thank God I started light), and BOOM the Dow Jones drops 400 points in a week. There weren’t even any ‘weed-free’ stocks performing well at that time. Pot stocks were plummeting at a record pace. My $1,000 dwindled to $298.47 in 4 days, it was only $701.53, but it felt like a quarter-million.

How stubborn am I? Well, after the Dow fought its way back up, and I had conducted days of tireless, research, I reinvested $701.53 into a filtered list of long-term ‘pot stocks.’ Since January, that segment of my portfolio has grown 249% to right around $2,500. That’s an extra $375.00/month that I’m not mad about, and that’ll continue to grow proportionally with the industry.

Stocks are just one way to invest, since that time I've made money through private investments, and gained capital for my businesses using the same means. I’m not defining particular investment channels. I’m just saying that talking to your financial advisor soon, might not be a terrible idea.

3. Starting a business is the combination of investing and utilizing your skillset to find opportunities, and if done correctly can be more rewarding than both.  Imagine if I created a top of the line toilet-paper today, how long do you suppose it would it take me to be a player in the ‘TP’ market? Do you think I could ever be toilet paper king? Could I eventually rise above Charmin, Downy, or any of the other giants of the 2-ply game? Probably not. Now imagine I created a brand of “Hemp Toilet Paper" that leaves your butt 2x fresher than the competition. If I marketed on Amazon or distributed it wholesale to stores like Central Market or Sprouts, how fast could I blow up the toilet paper dynasties then? Every hippie from California to New York would be going bonkers, with hemp being naturally hypo-allergenic and all. So much so, that I actually regret writing that analogy without having researched the hemp toilet paper market. 

I’m sitting in bed, after a 5-hour plane ride, on which my flight home was re-routed from Dallas/Fort Worth to Austin, TX because of weather. What that means is “whether or not you book a good airline”, because the only time I’m ever re-routed is when I decide to save a dollar on Frontier Airlines, which is once in a lifetime.  Frontier Airlines is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me (because there is no chance I'll ever fly them again, ever) that I’ll gladly pass on. The oncoming IH and hemp-oil revolution is a once in a lifetime opportunity that every advocate of the Canna-Lifestyle will regret missing if they choose not to act. 

Remember this moment, the rebirth of the first, and at one time most affluent cash-crop in America. Think of all the joy, emotional support, memories, and stress relief you’ve been blessed with by toking ganja. We love cannabis, we’re fans of how it feels, looks, and tastes, it’s the reason you're reading BOMBA right now. Newsflash, if you love cannabis then you already love hemp, which is cannabis, it feels, looks, and tastes exactly same. The difference is, while IH can’t get you high, it can get you paid, at least right now it can. If you didn’t act on Google's IPO, or Facebook’s don't feel bad, most people didn't. I know I didn’t. I think I was getting high or something. What I do know is that I’ve thought about how acting on those opportunities might've changed my life for the better. Maybe I would’ve been flying private, instead of Frontier?  You can wonder what ‘could’ve been’ all damn day, the fact remains you can’t change the past. Instead, try looking ahead and envisioning what ‘might be’, because the fact is Industrial-Hemp CAN change your Future! -MG 

Beauty in Industrial-Hemp Oil

The global Industrial-Hemp Extract skin care market reached an astounding $370 million in 2017, and the number keeps growing each year. However, Industrial-Hemp Extract is more than just a money-making wellness trend. The highest quality Industrial-Hemp Extract products are truly beneficial for people and animals for all kinds of issues.Aside from helping with anxiety, stress, pain relief, and cognitive function, Industrial-Hemp Extract oil is a major ingredient in many beauty products. It contains vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that help regenerate the skin, reverse the anti-aging process, and reduce inflammation.Curious to learn more about Industrial-Hemp Extract oil benefits for skin? Read on to discover 5 reasons why you should start using it in your skincare routine.

The global Industrial-Hemp Extract skin care market reached an astounding $370 million in 2017, and the number keeps growing each year. However, Industrial-Hemp Extract is more than just a money-making wellness trend. The highest quality Industrial-Hemp Extract products are truly beneficial for people and animals for all kinds of issues.

Aside from helping with anxiety, stress, pain relief, and cognitive function, Industrial-Hemp Extract oil is a major ingredient in many beauty products. It contains vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that help regenerate the skin, reverse the anti-aging process, and reduce inflammation.

Curious to learn more about Industrial-Hemp Extract oil benefits for skin? Read on to discover 5 reasons why you should start using it in your skincare routine.

1. Moisturizing and Nourishing Properties

Industrial-Hemp Extract as a component can be added in beauty products like Industrial-Hemp Extract-infused bath bombs, body lotions, face creams, serums, scrubs, shampoos, and even makeup.

Industrial-Hemp Extract skin care oil is safe to use on its own topically to soothe inflammation, moisturize dry skin, control sebum production, and reduce wrinkles.

2. Anti-Aging Properties

One of the most talked-about benefits of Industrial-Hemp Extract oil for skin is its ability to reduce wrinkles and slow down the aging process. This is mainly due to the presence of antioxidants in the oil that fight free radicals in the body.

Cannabinoids like Industrial-Hemp Extract are powerful antioxidants themselves, so when they enter the endocannabinoid system, they help skin cells regenerate and become better equipped at fighting free radicals.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

By applying Industrial-Hemp Extract oil to skin topically, you may notice a difference after only a few uses. Industrial-Hemp Extract doesn’t reach the deeper layers of the skin and stays on the area it’s applied to. This makes it very effective for treating skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rashes, redness, and rosacea.

You can use pure Industrial-Hemp Extract oil directly on the skin or in products that contain the compound if you want additional nutritive benefits and scents.

4. Anti-Acne Properties

One of the most fascinating properties of Industrial-Hemp Extract is its ability to reduce acne and inflammation in oily, problematic skin. 

Our Industrial-Hemp Extract Face Exfoliate with Neem Oil offers anti-acne benefits, helps balance the secretion of sebum, and has anti-aging properties. The scrub contains other natural and organic ingredients such as:

  • Organic Aloe Leaf Juice
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Olive Oil Fruit
  • Organic Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Avocado Fruit Oil
  • Organic Rooibos Extract
  • Witch Hazel Water

Combined with Industrial-Hemp Extract Isolate, these ingredients all work together to make your skin softer, healthier, and more elastic.


5. Glowy, Youthful Skin

One of the main benefits of Industrial-Hemp Extract oil is its ability to give the skin a healthy, youthful glow. This is because the oil contains nutrients like vitamin E (helps fight free radicals), vitamin A (helps maintain a healthy dermis and epidermis), and vitamin C (stimulates the production of collagen and slows down the aging process).

The anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties of the oil help the skin revive its natural glow and keep it healthy and balanced.

What makes us different? Start with the fact that all of our US Sourced Industrial-Hemp Extract tinctures are infused with either essential oils or plant terpenes. This allows us to specifically formulate blends to your specific needs such as "pain and inflammation", "rest and relaxation" and "energy and focus".....All Natural Style

“Before, During & After” The Art of Using industrial-hemp extract oil to Become a Better Yogi

You're probably aware of the benefits that go along with being nimble (if not refer to yoga 101) when practicing yoga. How much thought have you applied towards the benefits of being mentally & emotionally nimble, though? What benefits come with having a limber perspective? God forbid you become an advocate for compromise or something. Today is the day we take pride in being malleable, by opening our view and allowing ourselves to be better, healthier yogis through the integration of CBD into our routines.




noun: flexibility

the quality of bending easily without breaking.: "players gained improved flexibility in their ankles".synonyms:adaptability, adjustability, open-endedness, openness

openness to change, changeability, freedom versatility, 

wiggle room, willingness to compromise, accommodation, adaptability, 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the one real marker of an experienced yogi is flexibility. After you talk to him/her and bathe in their abundance of specialized-knowledge after they walk-in with a pre-prepared vegan meal that smells better than anything... ever! You're hit by the sheer glory of the effortlessness in which they stretch. You see the core strength they use to make painful holds seem easy, and what's most surprising is their flexibility.  

You're probably aware of the benefits that go along with being nimble (if not refer to yoga 101) when practicing yoga. How much thought have you applied towards the benefits of being mentally & emotionally nimble, though? What benefits come with having a limber perspective? God forbid you become an advocate for compromise or something. Today is the day we take pride in being malleable, by opening our view and allowing ourselves to be better, healthier yogis through the integration of industrial-hemp extract oil into our routines.

As a new content provider for DYM a brief intro may be in order, if only to provide credibility for the advice I'll be giving on industrial-hemp extract oil. There's currently a wealth of inaccurate information to be had on the topic of cannabidiol, and unfortunately, not a lot of consistent facts are available. 

My name is Martell Golliday-Andrews and I am the owner of a Dallas industrial-hemp extract oil Boutique in Bishop Arts. I'm also a industrial-hemp extract oil content provider for several national publications, and admittedly a more enthusiastic yogi than a skilled one. The effort is there the flexibility isn't, that's why I know the addition of industrial-hemp extract oil to your routine works because I've personally seen a vast improvement.

 I wouldn't' however, leave you at the risk of one lousy yogi's (me) personal experience, so as a case study I had several close friends and Yoga instructors in DFW try out different industrial-hemp extract oil products throughout July to help validate results and develop some best practices for using industrial-hemp extract oil before, during and after your sessions to make you better at what you love.. 

Two things I'd like to address briefly, and we will jump right in….

First, a disclaimer for my own benefit as much as yours. While I am an industry specialist, I am not a medical doctor, and therefore any statement to follow are merely suggestions not to be mistaken as medical advice (for which you should go to your family care physician). 

Second, while most yoga enthusiasts I know have been using industrial-hemp extract oil for ages, I'm aware some of us may not be adequately educated on both the legality or safety of industrial-hemp extract oil. Much less the health benefits or "if" it works. 

So for the record industrial-hemp extract oil, when made from industrial hemp (cannabis containing under .3% THC) is 100% legal both federally and statewide. Research shows that it's 100x safer than Tylenol and 1,000x safer than opioids. It's quickly becoming the go-to natural reliever for a vast number of health and wellness issues. It's potency, inability to get you "stoned," and lack of apparent side effects all support this recent rise in use. 

With that said, not all hemp is created equal so I do recommend only using products whose origin and testing-history you can verify. Primarily, that it's organically-grown, CO2 extracted and contains no additives. Always start your journey with lower dosages whether you choose a sublingual, topical, or a smokable application, and work your way up as needed.

Okay, on to the cool stuff….    

industrial-hemp extract oil is the most talked about an exciting introduction to the health and Wellness (H&W) industry since the Health & wellness industry itself. Businesses in the cosmetics, weight-loss, chiropractic, massage, and sports science industries and scrambling to integrate industrial-hemp extract oil into their services as quickly as research can come out on the benefits. 

industrial-hemp extract oil works because your body naturally produces cannabinoids which feed your bodies endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is located inside your nervous system and contains an extensive network of cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are supplied by the phytocannabinoids found in some organic substances like raw chocolate and hemp. 

The ECS regulates most of your important bodily functions like your metabolism, mood, sleep, and the way your body perceives pain. These benefits are in addition to it's more meaningful use as an anti-inflammatory. So you can begin to understand why cannabidiol (industrial-hemp extract oil) is being suggested for anxiety and ADHD, two ailments I personally suffer from myself. 

Before you hit the mat...

Actionable items are the name of the game, or "How can I implement this substance into my life?" There are three times where you can stand to benefit significantly from being a industrial-hemp extract oil-saturated yogi. My "bestie" Yadira, a Dallas yoga instructor, prefers to use industrial-hemp extract oil before hitting the mat. She says, " As an instructor, a lot of days I'm going into my sessions already sore from the previous day's classes!" She says, "By applying a topical like a Pain-Balm or freeze-gel  before my class, I can literally go in pain-free and really give my class my 100% effort."

I've found that a sublingual (under the tongue application), known as a "tincture" can be effective as well. Additionally, industrial-hemp extract oil has an "entourage" effect. This means that although you're taking it to treat your soreness, your mood may be more relaxed, or your appetite may be suppressed. 

Several of my friends reported that there were times when they'd be heading to class after work and be literally starving. They'd take industrial-hemp extract oil to relax and "shed the day" regardless, but they noticed that they also weren't hungry anymore. They said that that added bonus substantially added to their level of focus.

Think about it,  have you ever attended class "starving"? How was your level of focus when your stomach was growling? Case rested. 

As a precursor, I'm a man, but this information came directly from multiple women whom I love and trust very much. industrial-hemp extract oil has been widely used to treat the effects of menstrual cycles. Whoopi Goldberg even has a industrial-hemp extract oil tampon product, that's getting better reviews for cramp relief than "Mr. Goodbar."

My friends have all admitted to skipping yoga classes at one time or another, during that "time of the month." However, when using industrial-hemp extract oil for menstrual comfort they say the decision to  "attend class or not,"  isn't something they even think about. 

During Your Sessions     

The greatest obstacle I deal with in yoga is finding my center, or "the zone" as some call it. My chi, my happy place, or whatever else people without ADHD refer to the feeling of thoughtlessness as. Thoughtlessness is rarely an option for me unless I'm sleeping. 

I'm actually finding it to be obtainable nowadays, though which I'm literally loving. I use a high amount of industrial-hemp extract oil daily, which I usually take in through a mixture of tinctures and smokable "hemp-flower." I've recently started to experiment with aromatic hemp-products and different applications for added benefits in yoga. 

The most popular product by women that visit my store is always the "industrial-hemp extract oil Bath-Bombs," which they often describe as taking a bath in heaven. This is because the aromatic properties of industrial-hemp extract oil are powerful and relaxing, as are cannabinoids when inhaled through items like "vape-pens."

I've actually found my core several times in the recent past. I've been able to concentrate on the task at hand much more naturally, thanks to the industrial-hemp extract oil. While it's probably "frowned upon" to burn a candle right next to your mat. You can always gift your instructor a hemp-candle and see if she is willing to try it out during class.

 I do yoga at home, which makes it easy for me to practice this habit, as well as taking a puff of my vape pen every so often for added focus. You can achieve the same results with a tincture as well if aromatherapy or vaping isn't your thing.  

Based on the data I got back from my "homegirls," their favorite benefit of industrial-hemp extract oil during their sessions was the ability to push past their typical pain points. industrial-hemp extract oil literally changes the way your pain-receptors view pain, and pain can frequently be induced by the body a product of fear. Simply put, if I'm at the gym and my body says "I'm pretty sure if you do one more rep on this bench press, our pecs are gonna rip out of our chest Martell! So you better stop!" I know that is most likely fear to talk, stemming from my bodies natural habit of protecting itself. This can be good or bad since it can cause me not to get the hypertrophy I'm seeking, and therefore limit my "gains." 

You're able to go past that "personal best" stretching point because your body doesn't warn you as a premature preventative measure as quickly. Feel free to hold that hand-stand or take an extra second on that "Warrior 2" because you can, and you want to. 

After Your Session….  

 Upon researching industrial-hemp extract oil and it's correlations with yoga, and after you discover the added relaxation, strength and stability, and increased endurance, you get to the real "Gem," which is using industrial-hemp extract oil after your sessions. 

industrial-hemp extract oils ability to accelerate and optimize recovery stems from its porous nature, which naturally soaks up the number of toxins in the body. This is especially helpful post-workout because soreness caused by inflammation is typically the result of the build-up of lactic acid from all that activity. 

You can get aggressive in preventing next day or post-class soreness by using the combination of a tincture (which will also aid in helping you sleep) and a topical cream or gel. Among their favorites, my friends found that industrial-hemp extract oil moisturizing-cream, applied after their shower, was the most instrumental vice in making sure they woke up the next day pain-free. Which was what they did every time, "Woke up pain-free!"

I'd also suggest looking into a industrial-hemp extract oil bath-bomb that has Epsom-salt and/or essential oils for a post-mat bath. This can be very soothing and achieve the same results as topical. 

Thank you so much for reading this article, and if you enjoyed it (or hated it ), please click "like," leave a comment and share it with other yogis you care about. If you questions about  using industrial-hemp extract oil or finding it, contact the email in the bio below. Feel free to come visit my Bishop Arts industrial-hemp extract oil-Boutique as well.  Mention this article for 15% off of your first purchase.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and questions!

Martell Golliday-Andrews

Is a serial entrepreneur, published author and Omni-creative. He founded "Hashtag Hemp Company (#HEMP CO.)" earlier this year, which is located on S Madison Ave. in Bishop Arts Davis. #Hemp became the first industrial-hemp extract oil distributor to be welcomed to the Chamber of Commerce in Oak Cliff. This is due to its chic boutique atmosphere, and it's education first business model. 

He currently owns and operates several companies, including Detex Creative and Detex Health Group. He acts as Director of Content for "Bomba Magazine," which is an international digital publication, for canna-lifestyle enthusiasts who enjoy luxe journalism outlets.

Fb: @hashtaghempco

IG: @martell_g_a